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NL Tigers Taekwondo Official Black Belt Exam
NL Tigers will conduct the official Taekwondo black belt test on August 1st, 2015. This exam will start from 01:00 pm and finish at 02:00 pm. Black belt candidates are able to pick up the testing application forms from the office. - Posted Date and Time: 2015-07-06 16:02:25

Hapkido Master Candidate Seminar
This seminar will be conducted at 08:00 pm on July 31, 2015. - Posted Date and Time: 2015-07-07 17:12:11

NL Tigers Taekwondo and Hapkido Color Belt and Black Belt Level Test
NL Tigers will conduct color belt and black belt level test on August 7, 2015. Taekwondo exam will start from 05:00 pm and finish at 07:00 pm. After this exam, Hapkido exam will start from 07:00 pm. If students cannot take this exam, they can have a make-up exam with extra testing fee. - Posted Date and Time: 2015-07-27 12:26:08

Taekwondo Sparring Class
NL Tigers will conduct Taekwondo sparring classes from August 3rd to 8th, 2015. All Taekwondo students need to bring their sparring gear during this week. - Posted Date and Time: 2015-07-28 15:57:15

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