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What is Hapkido?
Hapkido is the Korean martial art which has the longest martial art history and topmost self-defense system. Literally translated the Korean word, "Hap" means "to synthesize, create, operate, control, or utilize", "Ki" means "energy", "Do" means "arts or a way of life. Thus Hapkido can be defined as the art of how to create, control, and utilize internal and external energy for the self-defense in any kinds of critical situations. For the self-defense, Hapkido martial artists can attack a opponent(s) first, but it is more efficient to use defensive techniques because of the usability of the opponet(s) attacking energy. To use opponent's energy, Hapkido movements must exist in certain rules (principles) which are the Korean words, "Won (circular movements)", "Yu (understaning energy direction)", and "Hwa (using opponet's energy)".
Hapkido Techniques
Unlike Taekwondo and Karate, the techniques of Hapkido can be categorized into body skills (chel+sul) and weapon skills (moo+ki+sul). The body skills can have the following subcategories: stance techniques (seoki+sul), breathing techniques (hohup+sul), step techniques (bobub+sul), falling techniques (nakbub+sul), hand attacking techniques (son+kongkyeok+sul), kicking techniques (balchaki+sul), and application techniques (yungyoung+sul) including pressing techniques (nureuki+sul), twisting techniques (bitulki+sul), breaking techniques (keokki+sul), chocking techniques (joreuki+sul), and throwing techniques (donjiki+sul). The weapon skills can have the following subcategories: short stick techniques (danbong+sul), middle stick techniques (jungbong+sul), long stick techniques(jangbong+sul), fan techniques (buche+sul), two short stick with chain techniques (ssangjeol+bong+sul), cane techniques (jipanglee+sul), string techniques (pobak+sul), knife (dangum+sul), middle sword (junggum+sul), and long sword (janggum+sul). In addition to these technical classifications, the practitioners have to understand about situations which is closely related to the application techniques of Hapkido. Neo Ledend Tigers Hapkido has 14 unique situations. In Neo Legend Tigers Hapkido system, if practitioners are able to manage 14 situations, they can extrapolate the remaining situations because the remaining situations are identical to 14 situations.
Hapkido Fan Techniques (buche+sul)
Hapkido Long Stick Techniques(jangbong+sul)