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Class Schedule Change

To get the best insructions from the master, students need to take their scheduled classes. The class schedule for students needs to be kept for minimum 2 months. If other activities affect on students' class scheudle, they can change it, but they need to contact grand master Song. Without permission, if students just participate in any classes which are not scheduled for them, this will hinder overall learning of other students.

Vacation Schedule Notification

To get the credit of their membership, students need to notify their vacation schedule to Grand Master Song. They also need to fill out a form before leaving. If students forget to fill out the form, they will not get any credit for their vacation. If students go to their vacation for one week or two weeks, they will not get any credit, but they can take make-up classes.

National Holiday and Summer Vacation

NL Tigers will be closed on national holidays and one week during the NL Tigers' summer vacation. Students will not get any credit for these.

Color Belt and Black Belt Level Testing Schedule

NL Tigers will set up the date of students' promotion test. All students need to take their test on the date set by NL Tigers. If they cannot take the test on the date, they can take their make-up test within one week from the date without any cost.

Belt and Certificate Presentation

One or two weeks after the test, NL Tigers will present belts and certificates to students who pass the test. After receiving their certificate, the students need to check their name and date of birth on. If they find out any mistake(s) on, they need to contact Grand Master Song for correction. In addition to this, if students think that their belt is too short or long, they also need to contact Grand Master Song to change the size of their belt or they can change the size of their belt on the website.

Monthly Tuition Payment

Students who pay their tuition with a monthly installment need to contact Grand Master Song when infomation of their credit card or debit card changes to avoid late fee. Please look at the agreement to find out the amount of late fee.